On August 11th, we will be voting for the next Commissioner for District 2. 

Deciding who to vote for can be confusing, so it is important for you to get to know the candidates for who they really are.  To win, some candidates will embellish their credentials and try to mislead you with untruths about themselves and their opponents. 

As with any election, the decision of which candidate to support comes down to several factors.  Most importantly, we will determine who can be trusted.  If a candidate is deceptive with the voters during their campaign; how can we possibly trust them to honest as our commissioner. Other factors that we consider are:

  • Stance on Growth
  • Qualifications
  • Motivation for running
  • Past community involvement

Our vetting process includes background checks and fact checking any written or verbal comments made by each of the candidates during candidate interviews and forums.






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