Kenny Phelps, Candidate for Cherokee County Commissioner, District 3

How can we trust anything he tells us?

He claims HONESTY is most important, two seconds later he does not tell the truth in response to the next question. He did not hesitate or blink. His ability to sound sincere while not being truthful is scary.

Video clip shown in this video was taken from a candidate interview conducted by the Cherokee County Republican Party

In the candidate comparison, we shared for the District 3 County Commissioner race we listed that Kenny Phelps did not file the campaign disclosure report that was due on March 4th. We asked the question; what was he hiding?

Wednesday evening, March 20th he submitted his report and it was no surprise to learn that 81% of the contributions he received were from the development community. Phelps donations totaled $10,760.00 of which $8,700.00 came from the development community.

Campaign Disclosure reports are required to be filed by state law. Why are they important?

Campaign disclosure reports provide transparency to the voters. When a candidate for County Commissioner is largely funded by the development community or other special interest groups, there is a reason for those contributions. People and companies donate to a candidate that is like-minded on issues important to them.

In each election, there are due dates set for candidate campaign disclosure reports to be filed. Candidates are given a grace period of 5 business days from the due date to file the required report.

Candidates file their report online and the system allows them the option to enter the data for the contributions they receive and the expenses they make, anytime during their campaign. Recording the information for a disclosure report is no different than balancing a checkbook. If a candidate is organized and keeps good records filing the campaign disclosure report is a simple process.

The CCDR for the Special Election was due on Monday, March 4th, the candidates were given the 5-day grace period to file their report as late as Monday, March 11th. Mr. Phelps did not file his report until after the election on Wednesday, March 20th. He stated that he did not file his report on March 11th because his mother-in-law had surgery that day for an aneurysm. Given the situation, we don’t believe that anyone would expect him to file his report on March 11th. However; if Mr. Phelps was organized and maintained good records, he had a whole week prior to March 11th to file his report. He attended a town hall meeting outside of his district on Tuesday, March 12th, certainly meeting his obligations as a candidate should have been a priority above attending a town hall meeting. By waiting 9 days after the last day required by law to file his campaign report Mr. Phelps showed little regard for being transparent to the voters of his district.

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